Avoid the Pitfalls - Benefit From Our Experience

With extensive hands-on experience managing medical marijuana dispensaries under three entirely different operating models, each with its own unique ownership structure, there's not much that Margot hasn't experienced.

As a result of this experience, all gained after enjoying a lengthy, successful corporate career, Margot is in a position to offer experienced, sound advice when you're looking to open, expand or improve your cannabis operation.

Reach out to learn how Margot can help you with:



  • Determining the Type of License You Need

  • Investigating & Selecting Your Site

  • Establishing Positive Municipality & Community Relations

  • Conducting Principal Background Checks

  • Planning, Designing & Building Your Dispensary

  • Writing a Comprehensive Business Plan

  • Completing the CCC Application Packets

  • Managing Your Project & Budget

  • Selecting Professional Service Partners


  • Designing Your Dispensary & Maximizing Space

  • Developing a Staffing Model with Comprehensive Job Descriptions

  • Training Your Managers and Employees

  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures

  • Selecting and Sourcing Products

  • Implementing Patient Services and Loyalty Programs

  • Managing Seed-to-Sale Inventory

  • Managing Cash & Payments in a No-Credit-Card Industry

  • Joining Industry Associations


  • Understanding the Massachusetts Regulations: Medical, Adult-Use & Co-Located

  • Registering Your Staff & Maintaining Compliant Employee Documentation

  • Disposing of Marijuana Waste and Transporting Medicated Product

  • Maintaining Compliant Inventory Records & Documentation

  • Properly Packaging & Labeling Medicated Product

  • Assuring a Compliantly Secure Environment

  • Testing & Storing Medicated Product

  • Installing Compliant Signage Inside & Outside Your Dispensary

  • Delivering State-Required Minimum 8 Hours Annual Staff Training



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