Learn How Cannabis Can Improve Your Life

Margot's passion for helping people understand how cannabis can be used to improve health & well-being is contagious. Her enthusiastic, concise and professional delivery of often-times overwhelming information assures that all she teaches emerge with a thorough understanding of how cannabis can be used responsibly and effectively. 
Below are some of the ways Margot has helped others gain valuable, trustworthy knowledge about cannabis and its myriad uses. Reach out to Margot to explore how she can help you with your cannabis educational needs.



  • In-Home Personalized Cannabis Consultations for Individuals & Groups

  • Physician & Medical Professional Outreach

  • Community Outreach & Education

  • Customized Cannabis Education for Specific Causes

  • One-on-One Cannabis Career Counseling


  • Comprehensive Cannabis Education for Dispensary Workers

  • Cannabis Executives & Managers Training

  • New Staff & Company Culture Orientation

  • State Dispensary Workers Annual Training & Documentation

  • Employee Manuals, Job Descriptions and Operational Checklists

  • Updates on Industry Regulations and Emerging Best Practices